ITU-QRR 2016

The 2016 version of ITU Quality Research Ranking (ITU-QRR) provides the key quality dimension of research performance by more than 200 Pakistani universities and institutes, using Scopus database. The results provide useful information to the scientific community, as well as to the higher education policy makers.




Saeed UL Hassan

Director, Scientometric Lab


Awais Asghar

Research Associate, Scientometric Lab


Zain Mehmood

Application Developer


Muhammad Adil

User Experience Designer

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Dr. Saeed Ul Hassan
Director, ITU Scientometrics Lab
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Independent intellectual creative capacity developed through research is essential in enabling countries to take control of exploring, planning, and implementing their own most appropriate sustainable development paths. Given the scarce financial resources in many countries, areas of research focus must be carefully chosen so as to achieve maximum value from investment at a level that will have noticeable positive impact upon society. In pursuit of its core objectives to study the scientific and academic research from a scientific point of view - the dynamics of scientific research and its connections to technology, innovation and society through the use of bibliometric indices and other innovation strategies, ITU's Scientometrics Lab has been working on several research projects.

Among these programs, a key project is the ITU Research Rankings, which is intended to provide objective data and analyses to benchmark research performance in traditional disciplinary subject areas and in interdisciplinary areas for the purpose of strengthening the quality and impact of research. The ITU Research Rankings supports universities to determine their own research profile and identify niche areas in which they can excel; to make more rational strategic and resource allocation decisions; and to publicize program strengths.